DSC Announces Employee and Teacher Of The Year Nominations for 2022

Carl Harding


Every year the Duneland School Corporation hosts nominations for the Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year and an Employee of the Year as well. One elementary teacher and a Secondary teacher are chosen for the award. This award helps the corporation celebrate the teachers and employees who do their best to make schools a better place for their students. According to the Duneland School Corporation website, another reason they recognize this award is to inspire others in the education industry to do their best. Everyone from students to former students, to parents, to colleagues, to administrators, or members of the community can vote for this award. With that said, some people will be left wondering why they should participate.  

“Being named the district teacher of the year gained respect and recognition from my peers, It also automatically admits you to be considered for the Indiana State Teacher of the year. I was also invited down to Indianapolis to watch the National Championship game with other teachers from across the state and the country,” CHS history teacher and 2021 TOY winner, Robert DeRuntz said. 

Mr. Deruntz winning this nomination shows other teachers and employees in the school that he went beyond what he was asked to do for the school and the students he teaches. They took it upon themselves to improve the school atmosphere and the classrooms they teach. Plus, the teachers and employees always receive a prize as a result of winning the nomination. 

Voting for this year’s contest began on January 31 and closes on February 28 and voting will close at 3:30 pm on the 28. So if free time is available, go vote on the DSC website, or use the link below!