Superbowl Snack Ideas that are a Guaranteed Touchdown!

the food cheat code to a perfect Superbowl

Olivia Kumar, Sandscript Author


With Superbowl fast approaching, snacks are definitely a must have for this event. Whether you prefer something as simple as chips and dip, or if you have more of a sweet tooth and prefer baked goods, this list will have a snack idea for everyone! 

1) Chips and Salsa 

Chips and salsa is a super easy last minute snack that can be thrown together if you’ve run out of other ideas! It is a staple for many and the good news is it works with just about any kind of chip! However, the classic tortilla chips are definitely a favorite. Salsa is not the only option when it comes to chip dip, as there is also guacamole and queso for those who are not a fan of salsa. 

2)  Popcorn 

There are so many different kinds to choose from when it comes to popcorn, the opportunities are endless; Caramel corn, cheesy, and spicy popcorn are the first to come to mind but you can always dress up some regular popcorn with your favorite seasonings. 

3) Pizza

When it truly comes down to it, we all know that pizza is just one of those foods that seem to be a common favorite. Whether you decide to make homemade pizza, or if you order in, pizza is almost always guaranteed to be a touchdown. 

4) Nachos

Nachos are delicious and extremely versatile. You can put any toppings from meat to peppers and of course, nacho cheese. Nachos are great if you need a last minute snack or if you have  plenty of time, as they are essentially just a jumbled pile of all your favorite toppings!

5) Quesadillas 

If you want a snack and you have access to a stove, quesadillas are a great option. You can use any cheese, meat, and vegetable combination your heart desires. Quesadillas are especially delicious paired with sour cream or salsa.

6) Chicken Wings 

This snack definitely takes more time, but it’s worth it when you end up with mouthwatering wings. Wings are a fantastic superbowl snack, and if you don’t care for spicy food, you’re in luck because you can get plain, bbq, and many other kinds of wings as well; there are various types AND various places to purchase them. These can not only account for a snack, but also a meal! This option is similar to pizza in that retrospect. 

7) Cookies

There are so many different kinds of cookies to choose from, but there’s just something about warm chocolate chip cookies. Making these with family and friends is a fun activity, and you are guaranteed to have a warm cookie; however, homemade or store bought, cookies are easy and overall, a great snack to bring or make for a superbowl gathering. 

8) Brownies

Brownies are a delicious and fun snack to make, especially if you like chocolate. There are also lots of fun and tasty toppings like frosting, walnuts and chocolate chips that can take your brownies up a notch. 

9) Ham and Cheese Sliders

These sandwiches are an easy crowd pleaser and quite simple to make. If you use Hawaiian bread rolls, they are made to be delicious and maintain a crispy yet fluffy texture.  When they are toasted in the oven, you are promised a delicious bite.

10) Jalapeño Poppers 

If you’re a fan of spicy food you’ll love this last superbowl snack idea. Jalapeño poppers are amazing, especially if you like a bit of a kick! You can even add bacon to step this snack up, and you have the option to use cheddar or cream cheese depending on the taste you are going for. 

While Superbowl day is already enjoyable, remember to refer to this list to make the day the perfect amount of eatin’ and watchin’!