It’s Counselor’s Week!

Madison Ramey

Counselor’s Week

Take the time to appreciate your counselor’s this week!

For those that don’t know, this week is counselor’s week! The counselors here at CHS sacrifice a lot of time for the students of CHS. They manage student schedules, work with parents to help their students, and they focus on the positive aspects of students rather than the negative ones. The CHS Guidance department works hard every day to ensure students succeed in their future. The CHS counselors deserve your thanks this week, and let’s be honest… every other week of the year too!  So stop and by and give a warm appreciative ‘Thank You’ to Mrs. Gretchen Arthur, Ms. Johanna Hess, Mr. James Moore, Mrs. Karen Moffett, Mrs. Julie Royton, and Mrs. Amy Snyder, and don’t forget Mrs. Jenni Smoker too! 

“Any time I get to help a student is a great day!  I also serve as the assistant girls’ golf coach at CHS and I love my time being able to get to know students outside of the school environment, as well,” concluded Ms. Hess.