Valentine’s Day: Should It Still Be a Holiday?

With the popular holiday over with, some wonder if the holiday is really worth their time.

Tyler Sarkan, Sandscript Author

With Valentine’s Day now being over, many have experienced a wonderful holiday. Some gave gifts and took their significant other out for a date. Businesses sold all of the chocolate and flowers they could, and people were celebrating the joy of love. Valentine’s Day wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for a lot of people, however. Good gifts were expensive, and dates at nice places were costly, which some people just couldn’t afford. Single people were pressured to get a date on valentines, which could add to the stress of finding someone. This leaves Valentine’s Day as a holiday for only certain people, and leaves out others that either can’t afford it or are single. This begs the question, is Valentines day worth celebrating?

Let’s take a look at the pros about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day allows people express their love for their partners and gives them a day to be extra thoughtful to those they love. It can help single people build the confidence to go on a date on Valentine’s Day. It’s also great for restaurants because of people going on dates. Overall, the positives are there. Lastly, Valentine’s Day is great for businesses like flower businesses and chocolate businesses.

In comparison, there are negatives. Valentine’s Day can be very expensive for some people. Valentine’s Day is almost all about giving gifts to express love. This could lead to high expectations for expensive gifts instead of simply expressing love for your significant other. Single people are pressured relentlessly to get a date, whether they want one or not. While it may be a good day for some single people to gain confidence and ask somebody, this may also be a bad day for those who are unable to find someone or simply not interested. This shows that even if Valentine’s Day is a great day for people in relationships and people that can afford things, it’s also a horrible day for people not in a relationship and people that can’t afford.

These things being said, Valentine’s Day is not just a day for couples. It’s a day for love in general. You could get flowers for your parents, and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family. It’s not just about chocolates and dates.

So, this brings us back to the question. Should Valentine’s Day still be a holiday? In my opinion, it should. No matter if you are single or taken, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for love in general. Even if you are lonely on Valentine’s Day, there is always someone who loves and cares about you. That’s why Valentine’s Day will be a holiday for many more years to come.