Mr. CHS forms out now!

Mock male pageant offers fun, humor for CHS Senior boys

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

Due to COVID, Student Government has not been able to host the infamous Mr. CHS for the past two years. However, they are bringing the tradition back! The event is similar to a pageant show for the senior boys and consists of:

  • a group dance (the opening number)
  • a talent show
  • a beachwear (parody) competition
  • a formal wear competition (with free tux rental!)

The group dance will be choreographed by the CHS dance team and will require some scheduled practices before the day of the event. However, the dates of these practices have not been mentioned yet. The talent show typically consists of funny and bizarre talents. Some examples include lip-syncing to Katy Perry or doing a stand-up act about someone well known at school. Although the beachwear competition does have some limitations like not showing your chest, contestants get to strut their stuff in a humorous manner. The formal wear competition is similar in this sense as well, for confidence is key for both of these. Audiences traditionally enjoy light-hearted and bold contestants. The ones that make them laugh are the most memorable. The winner also receives a donation sent to the charity of their choice.

Mr. CHS will take place in the Chesterton High School Auditorium on Saturday, April 23rd at 7 p.m. All participants must be in attendance from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. that day. There will also be a rehearsal that morning from 9 a.m. to noon.

Applications are to be returned to Mrs. Bullock (C585) no later than tomorrow, February 23rd by 3 p.m. Late forms will not be accepted. Moreover, all applicants need to be good standing academically and socially this school year in order to participate. Additionally, contestants must have GPAs above a 2.0. In the past, numerous participants were also typically involved in several clubs and activities in school and outside of school. 

Mr. CHS is a lot of fun for both the contestants and the Duneland community. Senior boys, make sure to check it out!