Washington Commanders

Kooper Sutherland, Author

After 87 years with its former name, The Redskins, and two years as the Washington Football Team, the franchise made a huge announcement. As of Wednesday, February 2nd, the football team for Washington D.C. would officially be called the Washington Commanders. Team president Jason Wright stated “We landed on this in part because we believed the Washington Commanders can carry the rich legacy of this team, a championship legacy. It’s something that broadly resonated with our fans in this process and something that embodies the values of service and leadership that characterizes the DMV” (D.C., Maryland, Virginia region).


The Redskins retired their name in the summer of 2020. Additionally, they removed their prior logo and stripes from the helmets, replacing it with gold numbers on the burgundy shell. The rest of the uniform remained the same, but the team’s nickname was replaced with Washington on the chest. However, many fans were disappointed that the Redskins were no more, and the majority believed that the “Washington Football Team” was a cheap name. Fast forward 2 years, Washington fans were delighted to see that the name had once again been changed. While many were hoping for the name to be returned to The Redskins, they were proud for their team to be called the Washington commanders.