WDSO Has Jackson Elementary Movin’ and Groovin’

WDSO visits Duneland elementary schools in hopes of new involvement in radio.

Senior Hamza Sahli shows students at Jackson elementary how to dance to the YMCA.

Miranda Miller, Co-Editor In Chief

On Friday, February 25th, Chesterton High School’s radio station, WDSO, drove out to Jackson Elementary School to visit the students during their lunch. “I have no idea what’s happening, but I like it,” stated a second-grader as he strolled into the cafeteria with his classmates, seeing large speakers and hearing loud music playing. 

This was not the radio crew’s first rodeo, seeing as WDSO has become well versed in the musical interests of the young students. They played music ranging from “YMCA” by Village People to Kidz Bop versions of radio favorites. The WDSO team was reluctant to play the newest Disney hit, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, however, after several students came in requesting the song, they finally gave in… and the kids went wild!

The WDSO members have visited a number of the different Duneland elementary schools. Their number one goal is to advertise their program as early on as possible. Exposing students to the program will give them a good idea of what the program is and whether or not they will be interested in joining once they reach high school.  

“Honestly, we like the excuse to come here, and we want to get more involvement in WDSO and radio in general,” says senior WDSO member, Emily Chisholm.  

The excitement from the elementary students gives WDSO the motivation they need to continue visiting schools and advertising themselves. The program has become a staple within the Duneland community and with the help of their advertising, they hope to increase their involvement.  

“We want to give the younger generation a notion of how fun WDSO can be, so that perhaps they will join when they are in CHS. However; even if they don’t remember us when that time comes, we always take pride in bringing entertainment and enjoyment to the community. It pays off!” says senior Hamza Sahli.  

WDSO ended each of the lunches with a raffle.  Each of the students’ names from each grade was put into an envelope and Sahli pulled a name and announced the winner.  Each of the winners had a choice of a T-shirt in a variety of colors. After the raffle, the students lined up and the members of WDSO passed out stickers to a few students. Faculty and students danced in line to a selection of different songs, the excitement clear, and making for a very successful advertising day for WDSO.