Chesterton Show Choirs Break Through Ranks at Chicagoland

The Sandpipers, Drifters, and The Business travel to Arlington Heights, IL to showcase their themed shows at the Chicagoland Showcase.

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

On March 5, the Chesterton Show Choirs departed for Chicago to perform at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights. The Drifters performed earlier in the day, then the Sandpipers performed later in the evening, The Business accompanying both of them as the Show Choirs band. Before the Pipers performed, five people performed for the last Solo Competition of the season. The first to sing was Maggie Oksimowicz, followed by Caleb Van Nevel, then Rylie Dhaemers, then Noah Fletcher, and lastly, Lauren Bolla. None made their way to Solo Competition Finals, but they still did amazing and put on very entertaining performances. 

After the Solo Competition, the Sandpipers performed and the Prelim Awards took place soon after. The Drifters revieved the Grand Champion title with a Best Visuals caption award in their division with no Unisex Division finals available. The Sandpipers advanced to Mixed Finals and were the last to perform. The Sandpipers placed 2nd Runner Up in the Mixed Division with no caption awards, meaning they didn’t get awarded Best Crew or Best Band. After the Final Awards ended, the CHS Show Choirs left Hersey High School and returned back at CHS at 1 AM. 

The Chesterton Show Choirs will have one more competition this upcoming weekend in Omaha, Nebraska to end their season. Wish them good luck!