Shamrock Shenanigans: Which Shamrock Product is the Best?

A showdown between the most controversial St. Patrick’s Day flavors


Photo Credited: Rosalie Salentine

Audrey White, Sandscript Author

Each year when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, many choose to celebrate with McDonald’s treasured Shamrock Shake. But this year, the Shamrock Shake will not be alone- McDonald’s Shamrock McFlurry is returning as rival Dunkin Donuts introduces a disputed drink: the Shamrock Macchiato. I took the liberty of sampling each Shamrock flavored item to discover which one is truly the best.

Photo Credited: Rosalie Salentine


1.) McDonald’s: Shamrock Shake – 2/5

First on the list is, arguably, the most prominent drink of St. Patrick’s Day and the source of many St. Patty’s debates. Upon first tasting the Shamrock Shake, I wasn’t blown away. The consistency was surprisingly thin and had the appearance of a strange, green goo. I was not too appetized. As for the taste, I found the Shamrock Shake to be incredibly mediocre- artificial mint. No complexity- just strong mint. I honestly felt that I was drinking toothpaste because of the overpowering mint flavor. With so much hype surrounding the Shamrock Shake, I was a bit bummed! However, the color is fun and is still a vibrant treat for the holiday.

Photo Credited: Rosalie Salentine



2.) McDonald’s: Shamrock McFlurry – 3/5

Often overshadowed by the Shamrock Shake, McDonald’s also offers a McFlurry. I was the least excited for the McFlurry, but it ended up being the item I most enjoyed on the menu! With Oreo cookie crumbles scattered throughout the ice cream, the texture was creamy and thick, unlike the thin Shamrock Shake. As for the taste, it was regular extra-minty ice cream. Nothing too special once again, but still a fun way to celebrate!


Photo Credited: Rosalie Salentine

3.) Dunkin Donuts: Shamrock Macchiato – 3.5/5

This rising new drink of the St. Patrick festivities has hit the scene in 2022. The coffee was oddly addictive. At first taste, the coffee was bitter and bland, with a burst of abnormal mint. Even though I was so off-put by the coffee, I went back to drink more. Dunkin Donuts Shamrock Macchiato was advertised as having a green coloring, however, my coffee did not have the green color. This was the most confusing item on the menu, because it wasn’t extraordinary by any means and had a funky taste, but was still a different take for the Shamrock flavor. While this would not be a regular coffee order for my Dunkin runs, it is worth trying if you are looking to celebrate with a green coffee and curious tasting notes!


Based on my ratings and reasons, I personally believe that the true winner of 2022’s Shamrock Shenanigans is: Shamrock Macchiato! McDonald’s Shamrock Shake and Shamrock McFlurry tasted a bit too predictable and artificial- but the macchiato genuinely surprised me. I recommend trying all the Shamrock-related foods with a friend to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year!


The Sandscript wishes you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!