Springing Forward to Break

Made to cure any boredom over Spring Break!

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

Spring break is quickly approaching for CHS students, and students are becoming antsy! With the third quarter coming to an end last Friday, students are resiliently pushing through this week to get to the one week break that allows for some recouping, rest, and fun with friends: Spring break! While many will be going on trips and vacations, varying from warmer to even colder temperatures than the predicted future Chesterton forecast, some will be staying home and may not know what to do with their time. Here, CHS students who don’t have grand getaway plans will be able to grasp ideas of what to do when there are no accountabilities regarding school. 

While Indiana’s weather can be quite unpredictable, it is shown to be in the 50s and even reach the 60s next week. While rain may fall as this has seemed to be a recent pattern, warmer weather is always an excuse to get outside and take in the sun. Some activities you can engage in if the weather allows are bike rides, picnics, and beach walks. First off, bike rides are always a great way to get some wind in your hair and incorporate exercise. Riding a bike with a friend or family member can be exciting, as there are quite a few trails that are easily located in Chesterton. These trails can snake all the way to Portage, and if you pack a snack and water, then it is a perfect way to get out for an hour or so. 

Secondly, try a picnic! Picnics are a timeless way to spend time with loved ones, as it relies heavily on communication and interaction. If you have some close friends that you could talk to for it seems forever, pack a big container of snacks and delicious commodities to share with your friends; coffee creek and the Brincka Cross Gardens are a great place to do this! 

Lastly, for outside activities, you can go on a walk at the beach. The Midwest is known for Lake Michigan and our beaches, so take advantage of it. While it definitely won’t be warm enough to swim, bundle up a bit and go walk on the sand. Admiring the beauty of the lake and skyline of Chicago always puts into perspective that Indiana could definitely be worse. 

On a different note, there are many activities you can engage in that are inside as well! Some of these include dedicating a day to watching your favorite TV Show or Movies and allowing for a self care day. Watching some sort of entertainment is most definitely more generic and predictable among teens, but being able to recognize the needs and wants of yourself and cater to those are vital in free time. Taking the time to listen to your mind and body and give it what it needs can lead to a better mood and better proceeding week. Whether it be engaging in skin care, making a nice meal, or even just allowing for extra sleep, make sure to prioritize yourself while you have this time!

Remember to take the time you need this spring break to finish off the fourth quarter strong. Have fun Trojans!