The Academia Bowl what’s it about?

Dallas Howard, Sandscript Writer

The Academia Bowl is a competition that consists of teams answering questions in 20 question rounds on subjects like math, english, fine arts, science, and social studies. Most of the competitions take place after school, and the locations of the competitions change depending on the competition and other factors. Along with that, each team can study prior to the competition as there is a topic for each year, which gives schools like CHS a chance to go to state and win, where they will be recognized statewide by business sponsors and by Indiana Association of School Principals. 

The competitions work as follows:  students try to answer questions asked by a moderator correctly. There are two different questions, a Toss-up question, and Bonus questions. A Toss-up question is worth 10 points, but it’s rather different from a Bonus. A Bonus question could be worth anywhere from 10 to 30 points the value is stated by the moderator prior to the question being asked.

To learn more about the Academic Bowl, the Sandscript spoke with sponsor Dale Hewitt about the Academic Bowl and the competitions they attend. 

When asked what the requirements are for joining the Academic Bowl, he said there were none. The coaches/sponsors really just want to encourage students to be a part of the team at any grade level

In terms of numbers, Hewitt had a little more to say, “For the Super Bowl, we have about a dozen. For the Spell Bowl, you’ll want to have at least ten. For the Acidemia Cup, you’d like to have three in each group. There are three different groups, three different grade levels, so you’d like to have nine. Then quiz bowls, sometimes we’d have enough to have a JV team, so anywhere from 6 to 12.”

This year the teams have only competed twice, those being Science and Math with science placing 1st and math placing 2nd.