30 Day Fast; Ramadan

Religious fasting period is set to begin this weekend


Sarah Sahli, Features Editor, Sandscript Author

The Islamic holiday, Ramadan, is just around the corner. The period of fasting from beverages, food, tobacco products, and sinful acts occurs while the sun is up during the day and spans over a month. Fasting is used to reflect on the fortunes of life and to appreciate them while also developing a closer relationship with God. In order to maintain this fast, those participating wake up before dawn and eat a meal, helping them sustain their hunger until the sun sets that night. 

Determined by the Lunar calendar, this year Ramadan will begin on Saturday, April 2, and will end at sunset on Sunday, May 1. After Ramadan is complete, Muslims traditionally participate in a two-day celebration called Eid, the Arabic word for festival. The celebration consists of get-togethers, various meals, gifts, and music as a reward for enduring the month-long fast. For an in-depth description of the holiday, check out the Sandscript’s previous Ramadan article here.