Is April Fools overrated?

Madison Ramey , Writer

April Fools is a silly little holiday where everyone of all ages gets to have fun with one another to prank someone!

     April Fools day is a day where people get to have fun with others by pulling pranks and making jokes & hoaxes. There are bound to be surprises throughout April 1. The holiday, or at least the idea behind it, began a long time ago. It all started with the Romanians, who had a holiday called Hilaria. Hilaria is a holiday that is quite similar to April Fool’s day. It’s similar to April Fool’s day because it’s a day when you should be happy along with generally meeting people to do activities with. France is where April Fools’ Day originated, and many believe that April Fools’ Day started around 1582. Some may believe that April Fool’s day is overrated. People might believe that April Fools Day is overrated because people can prank each other whenever they want besides April Fools day alone. The pranks can be harmful or unaffected by certain people, so please beware. Like salted cookies, whoopee cushions, and frozen cereal. Or people just don’t like the holiday at all. I believe that April Fools’ Day isn’t overrated, since other holidays are way more popular than this one. One reason is that I usually don’t get pranked on April Fools’ Day, but I do tend to prank other people just for the fun of the holiday. Personally, my favorite pranks are whoopee cushions, lemon juice, and the teepee prank. These are all pranks I pulled in the past, all of them went well besides one time and that was it. This year I don’t plan to prank anyone since I’m out of good ideas. Also, it isn’t overrated because of the amount of time and money that are invested into other holidays, like Christmas and Halloween for example. And yes other holidays come into this to get my point across more strongly and thoroughly to fellow readers.   While many individuals do not appreciate the ‘foolery’ that goes on during this day, it is clear that April Fools’ Day is a day that all can and should enjoy, and is NOT overrated.