Erin Helps With Promposals!

Erin is here to ease your worries of being rejected with top-tier advice on how to secure a date to prom!

Dear Erin,

I want to ask my crush out, but I’m worried they’ll reject me! We’re friends but I don’t want to mess this up.



Panicked Promposal


Hey Panicked,

Asking someone out can be scary, but that fear shouldn’t stop you from asking your crush to the prom with you! Regardless of whether the person is a new crush or someone you’ve had your eye on for a while, everyone deserves their chance to enjoy their prom with the person of their dreams. 

If you know the person well, then the way you should ask them out will be easier to figure out. Try to give them flowers, candy, and maybe a poster board with a witty pun. You can do this one at school, probably the most popular prom-posal idea, or knock on their door at home. If they’re a more sincere person, ask them out while having a serious talk or during a dinner date. While the previous idea could involve a date, that could be what kickstarts the confidence of asking them to prom. Another idea is to write a sincere note to them and hand it to them with a small gift. If you’re already dating the person, it’s still important to make them feel special with a fun promposal! Always make sure that everyone involved is happy and comfortable. Stay safe and happy dancing!