Chesterton Instagram Accounts

Gabrielle Rose, Sandscript Author

This year, many accounts have been made on Instagram to show off Chesterton students. These accounts are made and run by Chesterton students. The pictures to these accounts are sent by other students. Many students at Chesterton High School find these posts amusing, and repost the posts to their story, spreading awareness of the accounts.These said accounts have grown over this school year. The accounts first started off with a couple followers, eventually eclipsing over two-hundred followers. 

Although these accounts are made to entertain others, some may find it offensive. Students at Chesterton have been posted while eating or sleeping, making students feel uncomfortable, and some now feel that they can’t sleep or eat in class or lunch without being photographed. Such posts have been asked to be taken down by Chesterton students if they were uncomfortable. 

“I think these accounts can negatively affect students, because students don’t have security of what they do in class,” says Chesterton sophomore Jaden Fields. 

A very popular account is Chesterton Sleeper’s (chestertonsleeperz), with over seven-hundred followers. Multiple Chesterton students and teachers have been posted on this account. These pictures are usually sent in by other students, and students who are posted usually laugh and post it on their instagram stories. However, some students may feel embarrassed by his or her appearance in the picture. These students might then contact the account manager and ask to take it down. It is still unknown by many who actually runs the different accounts. Another of the more popular accounts is CHS Foodies (chsfoodiess), has a little over three-hundred followers. This account photographs students during lunch while eating or ‘playing’ with his or her food. It is shown on the account that some people think it is funny, and send purposeful pictures of friends eating.  

Some students feel that accounts of recognition for sports at Chesterton should be made.

 “I think a sports/academics page should be made to recognize all the students for something more than just sleeping in class… I think the accounts made have been super funny and it’s been a big talk of the school. However, I know some people are getting annoyed with them and some accounts being made now are so desperate,” says Chesterton sophomore Silvie Adler.

These accounts have made the 2021-2022 school year more interesting. Students have been able to laugh and interact with each other through these social media outlets. Even though these accounts could cause conflict, some good has been taken out of it.