Upcoming NHS Meeting for Incoming and Current Members

Class of 2023 and New Seniors Inducted to NHS

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

This year, the Class of 2022’s National Honor Society here at CHS has held several meetings in regards to their studies, works, and plans for the remainder of the school year. However, the Class of 2023 and a select few seniors will soon be taking the lead with these efforts as they are preparing for the future and senior year. This group has their first NHS meeting this Wednesday, April 13th. The meeting is combined with the current seniors in NHS, and is taking place in the CHS Auditorium at 7 AM. If you are part of this organization, make sure to remember that date! To add, if you are a current junior looking for a leadership role in office, stop by Mr. Nallenweg’s room to get the application; it is due Friday April 29 by 3 PM. Welcome Class of 2023 and congratulations to the students listed below.


Seniors: Elijah Arulandu, Mollie Haughtington and Evan Schmitt 


Juniors: Saanya Agarwal, Abby Atrosh, Vincent Auricchio, Grace Bamber, Bryce Biddle, Katie Billings, Caden Brum, Gretta Burke, Andrew Carpenter, Grace Carpenter, Danielle Chisko, Rachel Cohen, Ian Condes, Theresa Connors, Cecelia Dardeau, Rosedeep Deol, Giovanni DePasquale, Jackson Dudek, Freedom Eiden, Ethan Elliott-Halinski, Genene Engels, Connor Engels, Allison Fry, Gina Geenen, Cally Gemeinhart, Ella Girzadas, Colby Gossman, Matticyn Gropper, Owen Guest, Fabio Haiduc, Gigi Hanner, Riley Hawksworth, Ryan Higgins, Joshua Hoover, Max Houghteling, Ingrid Hurst, Laila Ibrahim, Aubrey Isakson, Christian Kelly, Ethan Kirkham, Emily Knight, Colin Kostbade, Olivia Kozak, Aubrie Li, Matthew Long, Alexandra Lorino, Mackenzie Major, Marcus Malapanes, Leonidas Manta, Sonja Mayer, Abigail McCarthy, Emerson McCready, Ethan Moody, Kathleen Pampalone, Scott Pejic, Bridget Raffin, Giana Raffin, Ellen Rath, Jacqueline Ringler, Kendra Ritchie, Alexandra Rodriguez, George Rone, Owen Rutherford, Ria Sharma, Alyssa South, Alison Stringham, Maizy Swanson, Bryce Thoma, Petra Tilden, Sophia Tracy, Joshua Tuck, Jackson Tuck, Emma Vetroczky, Lorraine Vinet, Olivia Vogel, Ivan Wheeling, Samantha Williams and Chloe Wisniewski