Chesterton Dance Team at Senior Night!

CHS Dance Team says their Goodbyes at Senior Night!

The CHS Dance Team had five members compete in the Solo and Ensemble State Finals on February 19, at McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana. The five members who competed were Vanessa Vega, Teagan Wheeling, Adele Megaro, Olyvia Clark and Ellery Brunt. CHS took 3rd place overall for Ensemble and Ellery Brunt won the State Championship for Soloists! 

Brunt recalls what winning state felt like, “I don’t have any words for that, some feelings are just so strong that I can’t explain it. It was a very pure moment of joy and I worked really hard to get that title so it was pretty amazing.” 

The team had many highlights throughout the season as this was only their second year performing and their first year performing at football games. Their team was fantastic this season regarding the amount of time they had as a team in general.

“One of the major highlights,” Brunt recalls,”was probably sharing my win for the state championship with my teammates and performing at the Valpo game. The energy that was giving off from the large crowds of people was really fun to perform in front of.” There were a lot of highlights during this season but also some challenges. 

“Some challenges our dance team faced during this season was that this was our second year performing and our first year performing at football games. It was brand new to us so we had to figure out how to perform on the field.” Brunt states.  

Along with the Chesterton Dance Team winning 3rd place for Solo and Ensemble, two of our seniors, Ellery Brunt and Serena Workman danced at Chesterton High School’s Senior Night! 

Both of our seniors have great memories with their dance team and were able to share with the Sandscript. 

“I loved watching the team grow and creating a new legacy of dancers,” Workman noted as one of her favorite memories.  

Brunt agreed in that sense. “I think the moment our team was sitting on stage holding hands waiting for the results of Solo and Ensemble, all the teams had left except for us and one more team, and us being excited for what we accomplished was really incredible,” Brunt stated.

Workman plans to attend Purdue University and major in Elementary Education to get her teaching license.

     “I love working with children and teaching is just something I want to do because I love helping people and it is just something that brings me joy,” Workman admitted in regards to her future.  

Brunt also plans to attend Purdue University and pursue the Five Years Master’s program in Education and minor in Spanish. Brunt does plan to apply for Purdue’s dance team in the fall as well. The decision seemed to be an easy one for the state champ.

“My family is full of Purdue grads so it is a very familiar place to me. Their dance team was very attractive to me and Purdue has a great academic program,” Brunt shared.

Both Workman and Brunt have some great advice for those who are planning on joining the dance team in the fall. 

“If you decide to join, it is a huge commitment and you will have to focus and balance your time but it is one of the coolest experiences because you get to support the school with something you love to do,” Workman acknowledged.

Brunt also had some words of wisdom for students who want to join the dance team.

“Be ready to be pushed and to always encourage your teammates to be the best they can be. Also know that if you are on the team your teammates will become your second family and you will make amazing memories with them,” Brunt concluded.