Good Friday, Let’s Celebrate!

Gabrielle Rose, Sandscript Author

‘Good Friday’ is a Christian holiday, observed on the Friday prior to Easter Sunday each year. On ‘Good Friday’, Christians commemorate Jesus’s crucifixion and his death at Calvary. According to the bible, Jewish religious leaders condemned Jesus the night before for claiming to be the son of God, and king of Jews. Despite seeming terrible in nature, that Friday has been called ‘Good Friday’ since, because it eventually led to and allowed for the Resurrection of Jesus. That Resurrection is considered a victory over death and sin, and thus Christians also celebrate his Resurrection Day, or Easter Sunday. 

Many denominations of Christianity acknowledge ‘Good Friday’. In fact, Catholics, Lutherans, Eastern Orthodox, Methodists, as well as others celebrate this holiday. From the early days of Christianity, ‘Good Friday’ has been observed with church services, sorrow, and fasting. Most church services are during the afternoon from 12-3 PM, to represent the three hours that Jesus hung on the cross. During the church service, there are three speeches; the Liturgy of the Word (silently making a full prostration), the Veneration of the Cross (making a cross or crucifix), and the Holy Communion (Last Supper with Jesus’s disciples.. 

This year, ‘Good Friday’ will take place this Friday, April 15. Coincidentally, there will be no school for any Duneland Schools.  While this was originally put into the calendar as a reserved snow day, it allows those that observe ‘Good Friday’ an extra opportunity this year. Despite knowing what Jesus experienced that day, ‘Good Friday’ is an opportunity to reflect and remember the love and Jesus had for all people.