Opinion: Are High Schoolers Too Old For Easter Baskets?

Should high school students be left out in the Easter holiday traditions?

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

One of the peaks of the Easter season was waking up on that Sunday morning and going to search for the basket the Easter Bunny had hidden, filled to the brim with goodies. But at what age does that activity become “immature” for teenagers? Does it make teens less mature to receive Easter Baskets?

Part of growing into a teenager is dropping all of the childhood traditions that one may think is silly and unnecessary. Or at least, that’s what we think we have to do to be considered grown up. Sometimes students need a reminder of when things were easier and a little glimpse back to the past when they had no cares in the world besides how high they could swing. Especially when times are tough and they need a breather, like when workloads get intense from school or a job. Craving a bit of childhood innocence isn’t weird, it’s natural. It’s also a personal preference whether Easter Baskets are immature or not. Everyone is different, and some may enjoy the idea of it while others may not. If the baskets are an important tradition for you, making one for yourself is also an option, and could be even better because it will be filled with fun things you know you’ll like!

Easter is also a day to spend with family, and having that sort of tradition running can help connect with family a little bit more because the whole idea of traditions is to bring familiarity and love into time with your loved ones. Even though it can be considered immature to get an Easter basket filled with little sticky hands and candies, it can bring people together to bond and have fun with each other.