Have Fun In The Sun With This List!

Finally! Summer is arriving and with it, the ability to go outside and enjoy nature and the outside life.

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

May 26 marks the end of the school year for Chesterton High School. After school, summer begins for Chesterton High Schoolers, though not officially until June 21st, and with the ending of school, schedules open up. Free time allows for a multitude of activities to be done, especially with the days growing longer and the weather getting warmer. Believe it or not, many students struggle to fill that extra free space with activities and fun of their own. For those unsure of how to fill up all this void, look below and enjoy the list of summer activities that are sure to make you sweat just by looking at them!

  • Have a picnic:

Enjoy a picnic with friends and family and pack your favorite summer foods. Lay your blanket down in a shaded area in nature and enjoy the view.

  • Pick strawberries:

Luckily enough, Chesterton has many wonderful orchards, such as Garwoods and County Line. They both have strawberry picking in the summer, as well as other summer crops.

  • Grow a garden:

Growing a garden is easy once you have the space set up. Go by the Chesterton Feed and Garden to pick up some easy seeds and other gardening supplies and begin growing lustrous plants.

  • Go to the beach:

A classic summer activity, going to the beach is a must during warm weather. The Dunes provide an amazing spot to swim and play in the sand.

  • Attend a summer camp:

Many summer camps are hosted in the Duneland area and teens of all ages are allowed to participate if they sign up. Some are day camps, others are overnights. A variety of activities are offered at each. 

  • Host a bonfire:

What better way to burn all of winter’s firewood than a bonfire night with friends? Bonfires keep mosquitos away and offer plenty of light. Get together with friends and chat until the embers die out.

  • Go to the farmer’s market:

The European Market on Broadway opens on the first Saturday of May and offers a large number of options, from food to produce to clothing. Take your dog out for a walk and even get them a treat!

  • Watch a movie at the drive-in:

The 49er has been a summer classic for many years and this summer shall be no different. Go on a summer night when they play your favorite and enjoy snacks in the dark with friends.

  • Go on a hike:

With a national park always close, soaking up some nature is always a viable option. Stop by Chellberg Farm and begin following the trials and observe the wildlife surrounding the area. Maybe even learn about the many ecosystems our park holds.

  • Go camping:

Spend some time with family while camping at one of the campsites that are close. Go fishing, cook over the fire, and share stories about previous experiences. 


New experiences can lead to memories with loved ones, so don’t hesitate to try something new this summer. Always have fun and stay comfortable in the heat and prepare for the coming school year.