Elon Musk buys Twitter shares

Tyler Sarkan, Sandscript Author

The social media platform Twitter holds a big space on the internet. With millions of users everyday, it makes sense why it has the impact that it does. All of this attention attracts big name celebrities and well known people, including Elon Musk, one of the most wealthy and well-known users on the platform, has bought a 9.2% share of Twitter, making him the largest shareholder in the company.

First off, Musk is the richest person on the planet, being part of some of the biggest companies in the world like SpaceX and Tesla. On the surface, he seems like a moderately humble billionaire, offering to donate to charities and working to push technology, but over the years, there have been many claims of questionable behavior relating to Musk. Musk was also born to an extremely rich family. With all of this money, he could practically spend it on anything, so why would he choose to spend so much money on Twitter?

Since Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet, it makes sense why Musk would want at least a part of it. The Tesla owner has been critical of Twitter in the past, offering what he doesn’t like about the platform, including the lack of being able to express your thoughts freely. He has also stated that he thought about creating his own rival social media to directly compete with Twitter. With this buyout, there is hope from many that Musk will change things at Twitter, with Musk himself even giving some ideas. However, even with these ideas, he  has refused the offer to join the board of directors at Twitter. 

As Musk has purchased 9.2% of Twitter, no real effects of the purchase have been felt, except for Twitter stock shares rising. Although the potential for an overhaul of Twitter’s system could come soon, seeing Musk’s excitement for a new, improved version for one of the most popular social media platforms is taking the internet by storm.