Spring vs. Summer; Which Warm Season Will Win?

Do you prefer the warmth of spring or the heat of summer?

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

Whether you enjoy the airiness of spring or the intensity of summer, we all know that the warmer weather will always be a majority favorite. But instead of pitting summer against winter, what about spring versus summer? Which of the two warm seasons will reign supreme? 

There are many differences between the two seasons. Summer is hot, humid, and brings on the freedom of summer break. The humidity of summer allows for fun beach days and camping. With extra time on your hands, if you’re a student, being able to have more time to spend with friends, traveling, and cultivating hobbies is also a plus. In contrast, spring is light, a bit chilly, and shows that the end of the school year is so close to ending. During spring, school is still happening but with the weather warming up, extracurricular activities become more fun because the sun doesn’t set at 4:30 PM anymore, and going outside becomes more and more frequent. As well as that, you have more time to do things after school with friends, such as going out to dinner or having people over. 

With differences, also come similarities. Both seasons bring on fun holidays that involve the outdoors and holidays that appreciate parents, such as Mother’s and Father’s Day.  As well as that, the weather starts to warm up and thaws out the aftermath of winter. Instead of snow, rainy days become more frequent, especially in April, which allows for plants to sprout and thrive. The days grow longer, allowing for more time in the sun, and are optimal for exercising. In the case of Chesterton, the Farmers Market opens again and downtown life gets much more lively. The fruits and vegetables in the grocery store become tastier as they are grown in season. 

Sophomore Jordan Huneryagerexplains why spring is the better season by saying, 

“I enjoy spring because it is always the perfect temperature outside. My favorite things to do in the spring are to go on walks with my dogs and walk to downtown Chesterton with my friends.”

Freshman Kylia Peterson defends summer as the best season and answers,

“I like being able to do different activities outside, such as running, paddle boarding, and going to amusement parks. My favorite sport, cross country, is mainly during the summer months when we do a lot of team building, as well as the fact that I have more free time and do not have to stress about school work.”

Whether spring or summer is the most favorable is personal preference, but enjoy the warmer weather and take the opportunity to smell the blooming flowers, and stop by the Dunes to scope out the best beach spots.