The Adam Project Movie Review!

The Adam Project has an Equal Amount of Comedy and Action all Bundled Up into One Exciting Movie!

Linnea Sundquist, Sandscript Author

The hilarious new Netflix movie, The Adam Project, starring Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo and Walker Scobell. This movie is about Adam Reed, a time traveler who accidentally crashes his rocket ship in 2022 and has to be reunited with his 12 year old self. Adam and his younger self go on a mission to save the world. This movie is your classic comedy movie, with hilarious action and a simple plot to create an amazing story. I loved this movie and everything about it, especially the acting, the comedy as well as the epic stunts that are displayed on screen. 

The acting was very well done, especially by Ryan Reynolds. He never disappoints with his acting and it didn’t disappoint in this movie as well. He never fails to make his audience laugh and if you’ve seen some of his other movies such as Just Friends, Definitely Maybe and more recently Free Guy, you will notice most of his work is mainly in comedy. Reynolds really excels in this area of acting and I honestly think it suits him well. But I also think he can try some challenging roles or maybe something that is completely out of his comfort zone to see what his acting is like outside of comedy. Other than that I think Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job with this role. 

 There were a lot of other good performances but I don’t think I can talk about the acting and not mention Walker Scobell. This was Scobell’s first starring role in a movie and he truly showed his acting potential in this film. I loved how he played his character, especially the added sarcasm and wittiness of his character of younger Adam made the movie that much more hilarious. I think acting in comedy suits him well and he will definitely get casted in more comedic films in the future. In fact, he has been casted for the lead role in Disney’s new Percy Jackson television series a couple weeks ago, and he will definitely satisfy the fandom of the popular book series. 

Some other actors that deserve an honorable mention, definitely include Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. These actors have worked on a previous movie together, 13 Going on 30, and have amazing chemistry. I have always admired Garner and Ruffalo’s acting so it wasn’t a surprise that I thought they did excellent. 

Although the comedic aspect was already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, it must be given a second mention. The comedy flowed very well with the story and the writers didn’t add any unnecessary jokes which I really appreciated. The movie also had a nice balance between comedy and more serious topics. The topic of grief is mentioned in this movie and I really liked how they addressed it. They didn’t make the comedy overpower the movie but they also didn’t make the movie too serious to not be considered a comedic movie. 

Every great action movie always has amazing stunts and this movie sure did deliver in that department. Reynolds, who has previously starred in Deadpool, knows exactly what he is doing when he is offered to do a stunt. Even though Reynolds has stated in previous interviews that performing his own stunts has become increasingly more difficult with age, I still think he did an incredible job demonstrating these difficult action-packed stunts. The action left my heart racing and I couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen because of the thrilling action. 

I would also like to add that this movie does discuss topics of grief and loss of a one loved one. I thought the writers of the movie did a great job of discussing grief in the movie so I wanted to put a warning for this film in case you are sensitive to topics of losing someone close to you. 

This movie was very fun to watch and definitely is a movie that can entertain you if you are bored one day. This is definitely the type of movie that you can watch anytime of the day and it is the perfect movie to watch with your family as well.  You can stream this movie on Netflix.