Breaking Barriers for Women and Girls with a Dream

Alyssa Nakken makes MLB history as the first female coach on an MLB field during a game.

Caroline Dardeau, Editor in Sports

  Recently, Major League Baseball’s San Francisco Giants made history when female coach Alyssa Nakken became the first female to coach on an actual MLB field. After 1st base coach Antoan Richardson was ejected, the call came for Nekken who came from the batting cage, grabbed her No. 92 Jersey and stepped onto the field. Since she has trained as a first-base coach over the years, she was finally given the opportunity to step into that position at the highest level. Although the circumstance of Richardson’s ejection was believed to be unwarranted, he tells ESPN he is “very proud” of her. 

     Normally, Nakken watches the game from the sides, from the indoor batting cage near the steps of the dugout, but that day, she finally received the opportunity to watch it from first base. Eric Hosmer, first baseman of the Padres, made Nakken feel welcomed by giving her a congratulatory handshake as she walked to the base. After leading the Giants to a win, the MLB is ecstatic for Nakken’s accomplishment and is already sending her helmet to Cooperstown, New York, to be placed in the MLB Hall of Fame.