How to Get Good Grades in the Last Quarter of School

Kooper Sutherland, Author


There is an abundance of school students and other younger people with grades that are not as good as they would probably want, and there are many reasons for this. It could be that they feel overwhelmed doing their work, or maybe even that there is a personal issue that is distracting the student. These are just a few things that could be causing a student to do badly in their classes; however, there are a few strategies that they can use to improve their grades, and block out those problems while at school.

One thing that a student can do to improve their grades is to simply get help from a teacher. Since the teachers are the ones assigning the work for the students, they will almost always know how to help you with what you are overwhelmed with during school. While a lot of teachers may not seem like the nicest people at times, they will certainly be willing to help if you give them your effort and attention. Our teachers at CHS will respond both in person or over email as well. 

Students can also improve their grades by asking a counselor for possible solutions. At CHS, there is an abundance of guidance counselors that don’t only help with personal problems, but also can show you a few tips to use to get those grades up. These tips may include direct solutions, like tutoring. These may also include indirect solutions, such as phone reminders for homework. To speak to a counselor, you would need to walk down to room [find what room], and sign in to speak to your assigned counselor. Here at CHS, the guidance counselors we have are very helpful, and will listen to whatever you have to say, no matter what it is. That is why speaking to a counselor can potentially help a student improve on their grades for the 4th quarter. 

Another way to improve your grades is to set goals for yourself. What this means is that if a student feels overwhelmed by their work, they can set a goal so they do not feel so stacked up with school. For example, the student can break up longer assignments into sections, and take it one step at a time. This will make it feel more manageable for them. Another example would be taking breaks in between assignments or sections of assignments. These breaks can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or even a few seconds. Any amount of time within a break can be very healthy for a student, and will refresh their mind for the next piece of work they have to do.

These are just a few examples of what a student can do to improve their grades in the 4th quarter. We trust and believe that you can make it through the end of the year, and we know you can do big things in the future.