Holocaust Remembrance Day

Gabrielle Rose, Sandscript Author

Holocaust Rememberance Day is held from the sunset of Wednesday, April 27 through sunset of Thursday, April 28 in Israel. This day is recognized by many, due to the horrors and terrors faced by the Jewish people in Germany in 1941. On this day, six million murdered Jews are memorialized. All places of any entertainment are closed, while memorial ceremonies are held around the country. There are two central ceremonies held, one in the evening, and another the following morning. Survivors, as well as children of survivors gather together with their families in public to take part in these ceremonies with six torches. These torches represent the aforementioned six million Jews that were murdered. On the morning of April 28, another ceremony begins at the sound of a siren, and takes place for two minutes throughout the country. During that siren, all work is stopped ,and people in the streets stop walking. Everyone stands in silence in remembrance of the Holocaust victims. While HRD is celebrated in Israel, it is always important to reflect upon tragedies of the past.  Everyone should take a moment out of their day, and remember the lives that were lost during the Holocaust.