Who Fashionably Owned Coachella 2022?

A list of material hit and misses among the Coachella Music Festival

Gracelyn Perrine, Opinions Editor

Coachella is a music festival that occurs once a year in Indio, California and it takes over two different weekends, usually towards the beginning of April. It is known for its multiple day lineups, celebrity sightings, and out-of-this-world outfits that seem to be meticulously planned. While Coachella has been a recurring event since 1999, when first created and organized by Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen, it has seemed to gain more traction and desire by social media influencers and well-known celebrities. Coachella was originally established for its music and artist features; however, as time has progressed, Coachella has made a name for itself with newer additions such as art installations. In addition, however, prices and ticket sales have both skyrocketed within the last couple years. While music is a highly enjoyed concept throughout this festival, the fashion aspect of this event has taken full flight within a-list celebrities, and they can be either hit or miss. 


First, is Emma Chamberlain. Emma has gained a large following on social media, originally creating a name for herself on youtube. Many younger women and men have taken her outfits and fashion sense into high consideration, as her style appeals very well to a younger, and more retro, demographic. At Coachella, she showed up with this sparkly jumper with accents of red and gold. While this look wasn’t a personal favorite of mine, her hair and bag accents the jumper well and I think it most definitely turned heads. In accordance with her social media followers, they loved the outfit as well.


Timothee Chalamet. The actor has made a name for himself, especially among younger demographics. He has set a precedent for many young girls and boys, as he has a large fanbase and is largely drooled over (I mean, who can blame you). Timothee made his appearance quite low-key , as he dressed quite comfortably and plain, while also seeming to dodge large creators with cameras. I think that this outfit perfectly summarizes the way in which he presents himself and the personality he holds. 


Lastly, is Harry Styles. Styles actually was an artist at Coachella, and truly showed up. Styles has made it known through his media appearances and concerts that is a vital ally in movements such as Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQIA+ community. These aspects of Styles make many feel comfortable and safe, creating a large selection of listeners and fans; while he holds these aspects, his music also has a whole crowd jumping and screaming. At Coachella, he showed up in a rainbow, glittery jumpsuit that made fans go wild. He showed his beautiful femininity while creating an intense and exciting environment for all Coachella attendees. I believe that this outfit was a statement, and a great one. It was out there, but still fit his personality to a tee. Thank you Harry Styles!


While these examples do not showcase the variety of fashion styles that were brought to the table within the two weekends, it is clear that many had differing stances on what is “Coachella ready”. Regardless of causal versus calculated outfit choices, as an outsider, it is neat to see the way in which these celebrities and influencers differ. Whose outfit was your favorite?