Erin Helps With Mothers Day Gifts!

Erin has you covered on what to buy your mom for Mother’s Day.

Dear Erin, 

Mother’s Day is coming up really fast and I have no clue what to buy my mom. What do I do??





Dear Idealess,

Yikes. Yeah, Mother’s Day is probably one of the hardest holidays to buy for. What do I get for the woman that raised me and made me into the person I am today? Kind of a hard thing to top quite honestly. Thankfully, mothers don’t expect much in return for all they give to their children. If buying gifts is still a struggle, then look below for a quick rundown of gifts that mothers will certainly love.

Moms tend to do everything all at once and take care of so much in such a short amount of time. For Mother’s Day, you could give her a handmade book of “coupons” like the ones that were made in elementary school; they may also be called “I Owe Yous”. She’ll enjoy it and even though it seems childish, moms love any opportunity to view their teenager as a kid. Fill it with cheesy rhymes and offers like doing the dishes for the whole day or offering her a back rub. In contrast, if that’s not the type of person your mother is, then clean the house for her so that when she gets home from work, she doesn’t have to worry about doing those chores. 

If your mom works, have flowers or a snack delivered to her workplace so she has something that will brighten up her day. Buying her a candle also is a solid option, moms love candles that are scented. Be sure to ask your mom her favorite scent beforehand though! Another idea is to ask your mom what she wants. This may seem less thoughtful and sentimental, but then she’ll get something she’s wanted for a while and have it be used!

Alternatively, cook dinner for the night and impress your whole family with your supreme chef skills. More ideas include buying her a gift card to her favorite restaurant or store, taking some time off from friends and work to spend with her, or treating her to a meal at her favorite restaurant. Give your mom a chance to relax, she does so much for the family and keeps the house running. Giving her a night to not worry about the household will help her a lot and make her happier.

Treat your mom with kindness and love during Mother’s Day, they do so much behind the scenes that goes unnoticed. Give her a big hug and thank her!