Finals Week Next Week – Make sure to know where to go!

Nathan Montoya, Sandscript Author

Next week is finals week, and knowing what classes to go to on what days is important. This schedule will have each class lasting three hours, and what lunch to go to will depend on the subject. The final exam schedule is provided below:

Monday – May 23rd: 2nd and 4th block
Tuesday – May 24th: 6th and 8th block
Wednesday – May 25th: 1st and 3rd block
Thursday – May 26th: 5th and 7th block, and last day of school.
Friday – May 27th: First Day of summer (for students)

If you finish testing before the end of your second block, and you have a signed pass to leave, you may leave class early and go home. Make sure to study plenty for each of your classes using whatever materials given to you by your teachers!