Student Government Releases Next Year’s Executive Board

Check out our school’s new leaders!

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

Student Government has officially released the 2022 to 2023’s Executive Board. In order to become a member of the Executive Board, students must fill out a short application and then partake in an interview conducted by the current year’s Executive Board seniors along with Mrs. Bullock, Mr. Starkey, and Mr. Blumenthal. Although numerous candidates applied this year, only six students could be chosen. The following compose your 2022-2023 Student Government Executive Board:


President – Saanya Agarwal

Vice President of Student Affairs – Caroline Dardeau

Vice President of Public Relations – Hilary Reibly

Treasurer – Ella Girzadas

Secretary – Anisa Faroh

Parliamentarian – Ingrid Hurst


Congratulations to all listed above. It’s going to be a fantastic year!