Student Government Hosts Their First Banquet

Check out the award winners!

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

Earlier today, Student Government held their very first banquet to celebrate members’ achievements this past year. After brief speeches from each of the officers and a dinner with parents, a series of awards were given out to each of the members.

The first award went to students who participated in Student Government during the 2021-2022 school year. Congratulations to the following students:


Aleska Sorgic

Anisa Faroh

Ava Newman

Lyla Surane

Payton Ciszewski

Will Courtright



Addie Egan

Ashley Lemon

Kai Marten

Megan Wilcox

Teagan Wheeling

Brock Redman



Ella Girzadas

Freedom Eiden

Genene Engels

Katie Pampalone

Maizy Swanson

Ingrid Hurst

Addison Schneider

Bryce Thoma



Ellery Brunt

Jude Mochen

Madelin Billings

Molly Hadenfelt

Natalie Nuñez

Sofia Portugal

Josh Lemon


Next, Sofia Portugal received the 4-year Student Government member award. This is quite an accomplishment, for students must either apply for the Executive Board or be re-voted each year in order to maintain a position in Student Government.

Madelin Billings, Molly Hadenfelt, and Natalie Nuñez all received the 3-year Student Government member award. This is still an incredible feat, considering the difficult process involved in applying for Student Government each year.

Anisa Faroh, Ingrid Hurst, Molly Hadenfelt, and Josh Lemon also received awards for attending every single meeting during the past school year. Student Government typically meets three times each month at 7:00 a.m. Despite these early morning meetings, these students made sure to be there on time.

The award for “Most Dependable” went to Maizy Swanson. Student Government members felt that they could count on her for practically anything. Swanson is infamous for being available and ready to go out of her way to help with every initiative and event.

Natalie Nuñez won yet another award, for she was given “Most Creative.” This award celebrates a student who uses their creative talents in many different ways to help improve life at school. This past year, Nuñez produced a phenomenal video that promoted treating Chesterton High School with respect.

Finally, Will Courtright was named “Most Outstanding Lowerclassmen” while Addison Schneider was given “Most Outstanding Upperclassmen.” These two students went above and beyond with countless Student Government initiatives and events. Their contributions greatly extended beyond the bare minimum.

Congratulations to all of the Student Government listed above!