Significant Road Closure in Chesterton

North Brummitt Road will be closed for bridge construction for over a year.



Road Closed sign placed on N Brummitt RD.

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

Construction on North Brummitt Road has begun, all because of a bridge that has been deemed structurally deficient by the Porter County Engineer’s office. Construction on the bridge began on August 8 and is expected to take an entire year to be rebuilt. Brummitt Elementary School will remain open throughout the construction process, as both the bus entrance and pickup/drop-off entrance have not been blocked off. 

The construction job is said to cost $2.6 million and will be done by Dunnet Bay Construction of Hammond. The new bridge will also have many more benefits than the previous one. There will be a walkway for folks who use the East Arm of the Little Calumet River to canoe, kayak, and fish. The bridge will also be wider underneath and improve the water flow for the river.

To access the other side of the closed bridge, there is a detour placed.  If you are trying to get to the south side of the bridge, you must go West on Indian Boundary and turn left (South) onto 49, then turn right (East) onto E Porter Ave and from there, you can turn left (North) onto N 250 E to get to the residential buildings across from the Brummitt bridge.  If you are trying to reach the opposite side of the bridge, follow the instructions in reverse order, or you can always look out for the detour signs while you drive.