Few CHS Teachers Stopped Allowing Backpacks in Classrooms

Some CHS teachers are now requiring students to put their backpacks in their locker instead of allowing them to be in the classroom.

Grae Stockhausen, News Section Editor

For the past two years at Chesterton High School (CHS), teachers have been allowing students to bring their backpacks to class due to COVID-19 restrictions on hall time. Now, since a majority of these restrictions are being taken away because of vaccine availability and diminishing cases around the area, some teachers have decided to discontinue allowing students to bring their backpacks into classrooms. Since the vaccine provides a sense of stability and brings comfort to many knowing that COVID-19 is less of a threat, the hall time is now less worrying. Allowing students to bring their backpacks into classrooms has become a double-edged sword for some teachers. Many students have gotten used to having their backpacks with them all the time, while many teachers have become accustomed to the sight of many backpacks on the floor. 

It seems that the main reason for not allowing backpacks in classrooms is to go back to how school was before COVID-19. Teachers and administrators want to stop the “COVID-coddling” that the teachers have offered the past two years. This also ties into the new rules on phones to help hold students more accountable. School seems to be going back to normal, or before COVID times which means no backpacks in many classrooms. Some teachers may not allow backpacks because it can cause accidents, like tripping over them, or a few teachers may not allow them because it makes the room less tidy. The Sandscript reached out to a few teachers who have banned backpacks in their classrooms, and all declined to comment. 

Other teachers don’t mind having backpacks in their classrooms though. Allowing students to have their backpacks with them makes them more prepared because they have all the tools they need with them. As well as that, locker trips take time out of lessons and can make students stressed when they forget something because they have to leave the classroom during times when important information gets shared. 

Both sides have their downfalls and advantages. Which decision is more helpful for both the student and the teacher?