Pride Club Callout Meeting Today!

Club’s First Meeting After School in B155

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Editor

Pride club is having their first callout meeting of the year this Monday after school at 3pm. The meeting will also take place in Ms.Sharps room, B155. Pride club has always been a favorite club among students and students are very eager to join again this year. The main goal of the pride club was to promote friendship and acceptance.

 “This club is a safe place for people who are LGBTQ+ to meet other people and engage in activities as well as for allies to LGBTQ+ people. This place is free of judgment and just a place where everyone can be themselves and enjoy activities with like minded people,” says Ms. Sharp.

Some of the activities that pride club includes are making friendship bracelets, having guest speakers, movie nights and they have even done service projects. They weren’t able to do any projects for the last couple of years due to Covid but are hoping to partake in more this upcoming year. Pride club has participated in family equality day at the Children’s Museum in Chicago as well as decorating the library window for LGBTQ+ history day on October 1st of every year.  

The club meets every other Thursday from 3 to 4 pm in Ms. Sharps room and snacks are provided as well. Make sure to come and check out pride club to meet some incredible people and make some amazing memories. If you have any questions be sure to email Ms.Sharp at [email protected] or email Ms. Henderlong at [email protected]