Check Out Your Freshmen Representatives!

Student Government Announces Freshman Senators

Saanya Agarwal, Editor-in-Chief

Every year, five incoming freshmen are selected to be a Freshman Senator for Student Government. Four of these students are chosen from Chesterton Middle School while one student is determined by St. Patrick Catholic School. Out of these five freshmen, one student is picked to become the Freshmen Class Liaison. Class Liaisons lead the other senators in their class and communicate with their class sponsors. 

The Freshmen Senate include:

  • Mara Huneryager – Class Liaison
  • Isabella Cain
  • Paige Engels
  • Elliana Johnson
  • Patrick Mochen

These students will listen to the Freshman class’s thoughts and concerns and will communicate them at Student Government meetings. These ideas will then be brought forth to the CHS administration in hopes of benefiting the student body as much as possible. Moreover, these senators will also help plan and execute numerous events, including the Homecoming Block Party and Halloween Trick-or-Treat. 

Freshmen, please reach out to these students if you have any questions or concerns!