Beyoncé Renaissance Album Review

Beyoncé Releases New Album After 6 Years and Proves Once Again She’s Still the Queen

Ashley Drury, Sandscript Author

Queen B has done it again after releasing her Renaissance album on July 29th, 2022. Beyoncé, the famous Destiny’s Child singer, who gave the world some of the best early 2000’s jams, recently released 16 new songs. After enduring a six-year wait since her last album Lemonade (2016), fans are excited to see the Queen return. Coming out of the shadows, “Break My Soul” is currently No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, with “Alien Superstar”, “Cuff It”, “Church Girl”, “Energy”, “I’m That Girl”, and “Cozy” also placing. Out of the whole album, my top three songs were “Cuff it”, “Church Girl”, and finally “Alien Superstar”.

Although “Break My Soul” seems to be the fan favorite and one of the more popular, upbeat songs in the album, “Cuff It” takes my heart. “Cuff it” is the fourth song in the album and my third favorite. The song has a continuous upbeat tempo, with a groovy vibe, a classic feel-good, “that girl” song. It’s a perfect song to dance the night away to, or even just jam in the car. The lyrics have a positive energy with a good flow to them, creating a comfortable environment. If you want a song to make you feel fun and gorgeous, “Cuff it” is the one for you.

While “Cuff It” is amazing, “Church Girl” places higher because of the bass and the fast rhythm. It is safe to say if you want to feel confident this song is for you. The upbeat bass combined with the lyrics all wrapped into one is a hype squad of its own. Whether you want to dance or just sing along to this song you will feel powerful. With a mostly upbeat tempo throughout the whole song, this definitely stands out in the album and will hopefully gain more popularity. As more people are starting to listen to Renaissance, more people are discovering the ‘other’, more underrated songs that appear alongside “Break My Soul”.

Regardless, the number one song Renaissance provides would have to be “Alien Superstar”. Although the start might seem slow to others, the chorus is what seals the deal. The smooth change in melody and practically the whole style changes from the low vocals to a smooth whimsical-like sound. The chorus sets it apart from all the other songs, giving a magical feeling as the beat transcends into the beautifully written chorus. “Alien Superstar” is definitely a song to make you feel powerful. It is absolutely show-stopping and stunning. Queen B steals the hearts of listeners with this gorgeous song.

To sum it all up, she dedicates her album to her late uncle Johnny, whom Beyoncé, names frequently throughout the song “Heated”, which is also one of the underrated songs in the album along with “Ameria Has A Problem”. Clearly, Renaissance offers opportunities for new fan favorite songs and has helped people express themselves in dark times.  She Creates this as an escape from the unsettling things in the world, fulfilling her goal of creating a safe and judgment-free space.