Maize And A Lump Of Knobs? No! Just Fall-ternatives!

Indulge in some alternative autumn activities instead of the same old same old.

Grae Stockhausen and Audrey White

It’s about that time again, when summer fades into crisp autumnal days. While carving pumpkins and drinking lattes can still remain on your fall bucket list, consider adding some “fall-ternative” activities to your list!


1. Dress up in Victorian garb

Recently, dressing up in different eras has become increasingly popular. Channel your inner Queen Victoria and get into the fancy fall mindset and apparel! Go thrifting or look around on Etsy and find some authentic dresses. Whether it be a closet outfit or an intricately designed corset and petticoat combination, it will definitely make autumn feel more interesting! 


2. Make lanterns with leaves

Think Tangled lanterns, but with red, orange, and yellow leaves (from a craft store or outside), some Mod Podge,and a fake candle so it doesn’t catch on fire. Use these to decorate your interior and exterior and show your excitement for the upcoming season change!


3. Have a photoshoot 

As the leaves change, it’s common to see people go outside and take fall photos. While more on the basic side, you can spice it up with interesting props, locations, or clothes! Take your Victorian garb from above for a spin around town and snap some shots. Even better, find some abandoned things in the forest and take photos around, in, or with them. Statues, bathtubs, you name it, it’s in the forest!


4. Watch horribly made horror films and make fun of them

If you’ve ever looked through Hulu or Netflix for horror movies, the amount of bad outweighs the good. Instead of being disappointed by the lack of variety, find some poorly made videos and enjoy a good laugh, and maybe even a good scare as you indulge in the lovely world of bad films.


5. Visit corn mazes

It’s corn! Experience what Indiana has to offer and explore amongst the corn stalks. Play tag and run around with friends, or simply enjoy the fresh air and allergies as you meander through the organic labyrinth. Some nearby corn mazes include: Kregel’s Pumpkin Patch, County Line Orchard, and Coulter’s Farm Produce.


6. Fall bath bombs

Bath bombs! The craze around them is still very present and recipes for them are everywhere. Grab your preferred autumn smells, most likely in the form of essential oil, Epsom salt, and food coloring, and get to creating a soothing autumn blend for your bathtime. If you’re feeling extra fancy, put a design or mold some leaves or pumpkins onto it or layer colors. Get creative with it!


7. Watch the meteor shows

In the upcoming months dubbed autumn, the sky darkens quicker and the stars are visible sooner. Three meteor showers will be visible, the Draconids shower (10/8-9), Orionids shower(10/21-22), and Leonids shower(11/17-18)! Wait for a clear night, grab a comfy blanket and chair, and patiently wait for the stars to start flying. 


8. Paper mache Halloween decorations

Shred some newspaper or scrap paper and get to Modge Podging some ghosts, ghouls, and gremlins to decorate your lawn. Paint them with friends and family and get into the spooky season with pumpkins and apples that won’t expire!


9. Have fun decorating a gourd army instead of traditional pumpkins.

Instead of painting perfect pumpkins, find some janky-looking gourds and show them the love they deserve. Decorate them with a multitude of craft items, including glitter, googly eyes, and paint. Then put them on your front lawn or in your house and allow the gourds to take over!


10. Swap batches of soup with friends and family

Stop by Garwood Orchards to pick your own vegetables fresh from the vine and get started on a hearty soup to kick off autumn. Take it a step further and invite your friends over for a soup swap! Each of you can bring your favorite soup and share it with the others while catching up.