Homecoming Week Is Here!

After a few uneventful years, here’s a preview of the excitement to come

Credit to: Bridget Martinson

Credit to: Bridget Martinson

Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

With the past few years being dominated by COVID-19, most events have either been canceled or postponed. However, this year, Chesterton High School’s Student Government has put together exciting homecoming activities, such as the Homecoming Dance, and the Homecoming Block Party for everyone to enjoy.


Next week marks the kickoff of homecoming spirit week. Be sure to follow school dress codes as normal, but still have fun with these themed days! On Monday, the theme is to ‘dress as your type’; meaning, if your type wears a baseball cap, sweatpants with a t-shirt, and a chain- then Monday is your day to wear it! On Tuesday, the theme is ‘mathletes vs athletes’ where students can either dress as a stereotypical  jock or as a nerd. Wednesday jumpstarts the support for breast cancer awareness, so students are encouraged to wear pink. It’s also a fun little reference to the iconic Mean Girls line, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” On Thursday, the theme is ‘anything but a backpack’- there are, however, important restrictions. The elevators are going to still be reserved for those with injuries and special accommodations. Students who are participating in Thursday’s theme must have an item that does not include a living person or thing, is able to go up the stairs, and must meet airline carry-on standards.  As for Friday, the theme will focus on  class colors. Freshman are encouraged to wear white, sophomores- gold, juniors- maroon, and seniors- black or wear the Senior Shirt.


Due to misuse of equipment, the ping pong tables have been closed during lunch- however, they will reopen during homecoming week. It is asked of everyone who will and has used the ping pong table to please be respectful and courteous of others and of the equipment.


The homecoming block party is on September 21, 2022. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 per person, and $15 per family (3 people). The block party will include face painting, a meet and greet with Chesterton High School’s football players, a cheer and dance team performance, Kona Ice, games, as well as a ticket for (Chesterton’s own) Pick’s, which will be given once to the customer once they purchase a ticket for the actual party.


This year’s theme is straying from a classic romantic atmosphere and is having a glow in the dark theme. Students can look forward to a photobooth and a fun evening with friends and/or dates. The homecoming dance will be on Saturday, September 24. The dance will be semi-formal and will last from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Students will have to be breathalyzed at the door. If a student tests positive following the breathalyzer test, they will be removed from the dance and will be disciplined. Attendees will be given a wristband if they pass the breathalyzer test. Students who are attending the dance must be in attendance all day on Friday (9/23). Students may not be allowed to attend the dance on Saturday if they are absent. While there will not be meals served during the dance, snacks and water will be provided for no additional cost.


The tickets for the homecoming dance are available on Eventlink and will be sold through Wednesday (9/21). Parents and students should have received an email with a button to purchase tickets online. It is important that those purchasing tickets do not open the email received following the ticket purchase until you are in front of the person who is checking your ticket. Tickets are $10, plus a small fee of 85 cents and have to be purchased one at a time so that each attendee’s name is documented for safety purposes.


Students who want to take a guest from another school are required to get a form from the AP office. The student guest from another school must at least be in 9th grade and no older than 20 years of age. Prior to ticket purchase, you are required to fill out the Guest Form and return it to the AP office. After you have been verified to bring your guest, you will receive an email that will notify you that you are allowed to purchase your guest’s ticket.


For Homecoming Court, everyone is allowed to vote- however, only juniors and seniors can be voted for. Out of those who have been voted for, those with the most votes will be selected as the remaining 8 students who will then be chosen for the homecoming court. During the halftime show during the homecoming game, the homecoming royalty will be crowned.


Additionally, there will be a pep rally on Friday during 8th block. During the pep rally, there will be a dodgeball game where freshmen will face sophomores and juniors will go against seniors. The winners from each match will go against each other and then the winner from that match will play the staff. 


The Sandscript wishes Chesterton High School a great homecoming week!