Football Team Routs Portage in Homecoming Game

The Trojans reign victorious over the Portage Indians.

Rylan Fields, Sandscript Author

The Chesterton Football team hosted their homecoming game on September 23rd. The game ended in an overwhelming victory 41-7 with Chesterton keeping the lead throughout the game. Even though Portage seemed they were making a comeback in the second quarter, they were denied any further points for the rest of the game.

Chesterton dominated the first quarter with a touchdown from Keegan Wrigley and a PAT from Alex Drewes, bringing the score up to 7 points. Then, Garrett Lewis ran two more touchdowns, with one more PAT by Drewes. The Trojans brought the score up to 20 points before the end of the first quarter, leaving plenty of distance between the two teams.

The second quarter was troublesome for the Trojans, with Portage scoring a touchdown and a PAT of their own. But Chesterton came back with receiver Bryce Thoma scoring a touchdown on a 34-yard pass from quarterback Sebastian Boswell. Drewes completed the point afterward. 

The third quarter started at 27-7, but the score soon ballooned to 34-7 after Brady McCormack scored a touchdown and Drewes made the point after. The final quarter went the same way with a 72-yard interception return from Zach Coursel, who scored a touchdown for the Trojans.

Chesterton High School’s win/loss ratio sits at 2 wins and 4 losses with their game against Lake Central not yet included.