Picture Retakes: October 28th

Don’t forget to dress up that Friday!

Saanya Agarwal, Co-Editor in Chief

Were you unhappy with your school photo? Well, CHS students are welcome to retake their school pictures on Friday, October 28th. 

The order code is 70686K, and the link to the order form is: CHS Photos Order Form. This code is different from the one from the original picture day in August. 

If you ordered a package on the original picture day, you do NOT need to place a new order. Instead, you must bring their original picture package with you when you go to retake your photo. If you happen to forget your package on the retake day, your photo will still be taken. However, your name will just be written down and a new package will not be ordered until the old one is returned.

Photos will take place in the Large Group Instruction Room (LGI) from 7 AM to 3PM. You can go in anytime during the school day to take the photo. Students are encouraged to go during their study halls, SRTs, or lunches. However, Mrs. Whitmer in the main office can give you a pass if absolutely necessary.