Top 5 Summer Songs

Out of all the songs that came out this summer these are the top 5 summer songs of 2022.

Abi Carper, Sandscript Author

 So here’s the list: “About Damn Time”, “As It Was”, “BREAK MY SOUL”, “Big energy”, and “First Class”.  It seems that the album Harry’s House is also a big hit. Along with Lizzos new album featuring About Damn Time. 

           Now let’s talk about the song “About Damn Time” is one of Lizzo’s biggest hits. The meaning behind About Damn Time is how she is experiencing a period of greater awareness.  The beat of this song is very catchy and easy to dance with. The music video is very lively and very colorful. Other songs by Lizzo are  “Truth Hurts”, and “Good as Hell”. 

     The next song, “As It Was”. As it Was, was written by Harry Styles. Harry Styles has a new album out for about four  months now and it’s already such a hit! The meaning behind the lyrics is about metamorphosis, embracing change and former self perspective shift and all of that kind of stuff.  This song has a low beat but it fits really well with the song. The music video has lot going on. Everyone in the music video dressed appropriately except for harry and the woman he dances with.   

     Let’s talk about  “BREAK MY SOUL by Beyonce.  The meaning behind Break my soul is that Beyonce is looking for a new foundation. This song has a very head nodding beat to it. There is also a lot going on in the music video. There are several different settings in the show. 

     After Beyonce we have “Big energy” by Latto. The meaning behind big energy is believing in yourself and not letting anyone change your mind about yourself.  This Song has a very upbeat beat to it. The music video has a lot of settings. 

       Finally we have “First Class” by Jack Harlow. The lyrics describe how his life has changed, having now becoming rich and famous. The start of the music video is in black and white. This song has a very good beat to it you can definitely dance to this beat. 

    That would conclude the Top 5 Summer Songs of 2022. This list is full of great songs. I would recommend As It Was to any Harry Styles fan out there.