Girls Golf Season Update!

The Girls Golf Team Season is Sadly Over, Here Were the Highlights!

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

Chestertons High School Girls Golf team is highly praised in the sports community here at CHS. This year the Girls Golf team has had more girls try out for the team compared to last year as well as a slight increase in their scores. The Girls Golf team has had some challenging matches this season so here are some of the updates for the Girls Golf Team 2022. 

The Girls Golf team officially started practice over the summer on July 29th and had their first match on August 2nd at Knollwood Country Club in Lake County Illinois. Coach Toby Gentry has been keeping the team busy and had very high hopes for this season. Their main goal was to place ahead of Portage and LaPorte in their DAC Invitational tournament. The Girls Golf team did beat Portage but lost to LaPorte, and ended in 3rd place with a total score of 406. 

“Our season could have been a little better. In our invitational tournaments we placed an average about 7th place and scored about 396 as a team,” says Coach Toby Gentry. 

Overall their season wasn’t what they hoped for but a highlight is definitely some of their incredible golfers. Their top golfers, Maddie Soffin and Alize Lawerence, had a very solid season, while Lizzy Gray ended with the lowest average of 47 for 9 holes and 96 for 18 hole matches. On another note the Girls Golf team scored 3rd place for Sectionals even though their goal was 2nd place. They lost to Portage by 2 strokes but the team still has high hopes for Regionals on September 24. 

Another highlight is the Girls Golf team placed 3rd in sectionals at Valparaiso . Soffin ended with a score of 93 and Lawrence ended with a score of 97. Sydney Osborne also achieved her best score yet ending with a total of 103. They scored a total of 392 while Portage scored 390 and Valpo scored 355. 

Near the end of the season, CHS senior Lizzy Gray was selected to the Girls Golf DAC All-Conference Team and Gray was in the top ten for the entirety of the DAC conference along with 3 players from Valparaiso and 4 players from Lake Central. The CHS Girls Golf Team was selected from the DAC Conference Matches and DAC Conference Tournament due to their averaging scores.

Overall Coach Gentry is very pleased with the amount of girls wanting to join the Girls Golf team this season since the interest has grown in the last two years with 22 girls trying out this year. The Girls Golf Team has worked super hard and we wish them the best of luck next season. Go Trojans!