Corduroy- Yay or Nay?

Controversial Corduroy Questioned as a Fall-Wardrobe Staple

Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

Controversial corduroy has once again made a comeback in styles and trends within the past few years. Despite its warring history, this thick fabric will keep you nice and toasty for the approaching winter months.

Some are for, and others opposed to the versatile corduroy style. Those who make a case for corduroy, stand behind specific qualities that the fabric offers. Corduroy-lovers appreciate the durability and sophistication of the material. It also allows its wearer to add a simplistic texture to their style. Small touches such as the ripple-texture of corduroy help to accentuate an outfit, while breaking up solid colors. An additional case for the material is that it’s an alternative to classic denim and suitable for people of all ages.  

However, though many are corduroy-obsessed, there is also a passionate crowd against the cloth. Some detest the feeling of corduroy against the skin, while others believe it to be outdated. Alternatively, those pro-corduroy value the retro look. For those who opt for flexible materials, corduroy is not for you. This material fits rather snug and keeps its wearer warm, which is especially favorable in the winter. Unfortunately, there is one considerable downfall to this fabric…the swoosh. This conflict has been portrayed on Seinfeld, where character George Costanza purchases a suit that includes the infamous “swooshing pants”, or pants that make a “swooshing” noise when walking. Although the fabric in question was not explicitly mentioned, the corduroy fabric has been known to produce this sound, and tends to stave off customers. Nevertheless, this material still holds attractive aesthetic appeal.

Corduroy has the means to be styled so that it is comfortable and formal. Besides corduroy pants, there is an abundance of clothing articles that can be made from corduroy. For instance, clothing lines produce jackets, dresses, overalls, hats, and bags, along with many other items. An impressive aspect of corduroy is that it has the potential to be well-styled for people of all ages, and of varying occupations.

 “I think corduroy is a super unique fabric that offers people an opportunity to change up the traditional way of dressing up…”, Mr. Jacob Lukach said, “for me as a teacher, personally, I get the classic polyester pants that are your traditional dress slacks with high socks and dress shoes, and corduroy really offers you that option to change things up and have a more denim type of feel, but still have the luxury look of a dress pant.”  

In spite of the pros and cons of this treasured fall favorite, corduroy remains one of the most talked about trends of the season. So, will corduroy be in your closet this fall?