A BTS Solo Song Release?

BTS’ Jin Releases a New Song.

Kooper Sutherland, Author

Recently, BTS has been enrolled in the South Korean military. This is because of the law that any man that is 20 years or older, must serve at least three years in the force. This has made fans very disappointed, as BTS will be unable to make news music until they have completed their term. However, one of the band’s members, Jin, real name Kim Seok-Jin, decided to create a work of art in the music industry before he left for the military. 


On October 28, 2022, Jin released a single song titled “The Astronaut.” Coincidentally, this was his debut as a solo music artist. Co-written by British rock band Coldplay, who had previously collaborated with BTS on “My Universe”, The Astronaut focuses on all of Jin’s happiest moments as not only an idol to his fans, but also as a friend to his counterparts as part of BTS. 


He pours his heart and soul into this song, singing, “Just as the Milky Way shines upon the darkest roads, you are shining towards me. The only light found in the darkness, on my endless path to you.” 

These lyrics were directed towards his fans whom he loves and appreciates so much, as well as making an illusion toward his darkest times as a teenager, but also being lit up by those he holds close.  During this song, Jin also states, “You and me, an unending history. You became my universe, like an asteroid drifting by without a destination.” 

This was directed towards his family in South Korea, as well as his singing partners in BTS. Listeners can tell this line means a lot to Jin, as the emotion in his voice is unparalleled.


On November 3rd, Circle Album Chart released the music rankings for this week, and “The Astronaut debuted straight at number one on the chart, with over 500,000 copies sold. Also considering the fact that the accumulation period of the chart was from October 23rd to 29th, this means that Jin’s solo song topped the weekly album rankings only one day after its release. While it is unfortunate that BTS will not be making any more music any time soon, this powerful song brought tears to eyes and made a lasting impression about Jin’s true feelings about the ones he loves.