Midnights Made Mayhem In the Music Industry 

The Swifties Finally Have Their New Pop Girl Album  

Ashley Drury, Sandscript Author

Swifties have been waiting for the drop of the Midnights album after it was announced at the VMA’s during her acceptance speech. The pop album was released on October 21st at 12 am(EST), and to be followed by a said “Special very chaotic surprise” at 3 am(EST). Swift released 13 songs for the Midnights album but the chaotic surprise then released 7 bonus songs, in the Midnights (3 am) Edition.  

Taylor Swift only had one feature for this album: Lana Del Rey for the song “Snow On The Beach”. Some fans have expressed being disappointed as Lana did not have a verse to just herself, and were upset she was only in the background. Other fans think that the song is still amazing and actually think that her vocals in the background fit the ambiance. Personally, I agree that her vocals fit perfectly just being in the background but I can understand wanting her to have more vocals

The album is incredible based on the main three elements: vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals. Every song fits perfectly together and nothing feels out of the place. The lyrics are deep and can be interpreted into many different situations and emotions, which is the beauty of music.

The best songs from the Midnights album are “Karma”, “Bejeweled”, “Your On Your Own Kid”, and “Snow On The Beach”. “Karma” and “Bejeweled” are supposed to be the pop princesses of the album. When listening to it, it has striking similarities to her 1989 album. This album is one that listeners can very easily dance to and have fun with. “Your On Your Own Kid”, and “Snow On The Beach”, are the slower/sadder songs on the album that present extremely quality tracks. Snow On The Beach” has a very calming ambiance when listening to it, and with Lana Del Rey harmonizing in the background gives the song a hazy, fairytale-like feeling. “Your On Your Own Kid” is not as slow as “Snow On The Beach”, but this song is sad because of the lyrics. Her emotion in the song makes me want to yell out the lyrics.

As of now, there are two songs with music videos which is “Bejeweled”, and “Anti-Hero”. In “Bejeweled” Swift makes it obvious that Speak Now is the next album she is re-recording. Knowing her hints and easter eggs is what she does best, fans are excited to see where she goes from here. The artist currently occupies the top 10 spots on the top 100 list for Billboard Hot 100 which is an incredible achievement considering that no artist has done that before. Swift also just announced an all-eras tour giving albums such as Folklore, Evermore, and Lover, a chance to see the stage. Tickets will be available for presale on November 15th, and the closest location to us is in Chicago which has two dates set for June 2, June 3, and June 4.