Nessa Barrett’s new album “Young Forever”

Tik Tok star Nessa Barrett released a new album

Abi Carper, Sandscript Writer

Nessa Barrett’s new album Young Forever came out this past October. This long-awaited album consists of 13 songs, some of which were released before the full album, like “madhouse,” “die first,” “tired of california,” “dear god,”and  “gaslight.”All are great songs, especially “die first” especially due to a recent event with her best friend Cooper Norigea.   This album includes, “tired of california,” “gaslight,” “talk to myself,”  “dear god,” “forgive the world,” too hot to cry,”  “madhouse,” “lovebomb,”  ”decay,” and  “lucky star”

     First in the album is,  “tired of california” as the song starts there is a radio in the background then the beat drops. The song lyrics repeat the entire time but in different tones. The beat is very easy to nod your head and sing along. In the music video, we see Barrett hanging out of the window with the wind in her hair while someone else is driving the car. Then, it changes to a sunset and a field. Then, we see Barrett in a casket and you hear a chorus in the back saying “can I be young forever, would it be fine forever” at least two times then the chorus in the back say’s  “We’re so tired of california.”  Honestly, this would be one of my favorites from this album. 

    One of my favorite songs on the album is “gaslight.” Barrett wrote “gaslight” about her ex Josh Richards. The song starts out with a piano and then we hear a drum in the back mixing with the piano. Then, we hear only Barrett and the piano, when suddenly the beat drops. We hear Barrett singing with the instruments. Most of the lyrics are “I should have known love is a dangerous game” along with “ why am I jealous if you’re mine” and “gaslight.” There is no video for gaslight sadly, but we might get one in the near future.

    Next is “talk to myself.” The beginning of the song has a very powerful beat that is also  full of adrenaline. Then we hear Barrett with the powerful beat again. It’s very loud and strong. You can feel the beat in your feet when you listen to it in the car. When you’re sitting in class and listening to music instead of dancing, bounce your leg  to the beat. The lyrics repeat but there are different beats to it. I also love this song and how it says not to degrade her and how she already does that to herself. 

      After “talk to myself,” we have “dear god.” The lyrics repeat but honestly it fits the song. Toward the end of the song you can hear Nessa humming and in the background she says  “dear god” and “don’t you hear me cry.” She is trying to tell the listener that she has tried to tell god that she is crying and needs help.  I love the lyrics to this song and the beat they all really just blend in. 

       Next is, “forgive the world.” The song starts out with a piano and a medium fast beat in the background. Towards the end of the song the beat speeds up and gets louder. The lyrics that sound very sweet are, “But I’ll forgive the world as long as it has you” these are the sweetest lyrics that I’ve ever heard.  This one means a lot to people who have either lost someone, for instance like a pet that they loved dearly. 

 After “forgive the world” is “lucky star.” The song starts out sounding very electric and very auto tuned. This is one of the shorter songs throughout this album.  This song has a very quiet beat. The lyrics do repeat but it makes the song sound very creepy and eerie. . 

       Then we have “too hot to cry.” The song starts out sounding like a sad song but when Nessa Barrett starts singing the beat gets louder and lower. Most of the lyrics are “I’m too hot to cry”. Every time you hear those lyrics the song gets louder then goes back to a normal beat. At the end the beat gets quiet again and very slow and low. I love how empowering this song is especially to women saying that they are too hot to cry.  This would be number nine on my top eleven list. 

        Next we have “madhouse.” As the song starts out it sounds very creepy and slow then the beat drops and the lyrics get creepier as the song goes on. Toward the middle of the song the beat sounds like it’s electric and Barrett’s voice gets very monotone and honestly that makes the song creepier. This is definitely number two  on my top eleven  list but it’s also fighting with “die frist” for first place. I love how creepy and angsty it is, because some of the lyrics talk about brains and blood and gore but that is only a small piece of the lyrics. 

       Next we have “lovebomb.”The song starts out with a very quiet guitar and Nessa singing very quietly. It does get a little louder later on. This song is kind of sad and sweet at the same time. Honestly when I found out what the song was about it made me cry. This would be number eleven on my top eleven list.

   Second to last we have “decay.”  As the song starts out there’s a piano and Nessa singing. The background of the lyric video is a bunch of shooting stars going up. Again this is another very sweet song on the album. The lyrics are so sweet especially when it says “but I’ll still love you, even  after we decay, when our bodies start to wither, and there’s bugs inside our brains” also when the lyrics say “and I’ll still want you, when we’re six feet in the ground, when our bones are cold and rotten, promise I’ll still be around.” Those lyrics to me are the sweetest. They really bring the best out of this song and others. 

    Lastly, we have “die first.” Honestly this is the saddest song on the whole album especially due to recent events. As the song starts out with Nessa singing there aren’t really any instruments until the beat drops then there’s drums. The music video starts out with Nessa in a store and she touches a toy carousel and it zooms into her eye and then we see her in a field with a carousel in the background. Then she starts running to  the carousel and then getting on it and riding the carousel. Towards the end we see her just staring at the carousel while it goes up in flames. The music video to me has a lot going on and a lot of emotion in it. 

    Well that’s it  for this album. If you want more information you can look on youtube for an interview she did with Zach Sang this interview may bring you to tears. I know that it did make me cry at least three times. These songs will make you cry, laugh and scream. They all have a lot of emotion in them.  Every song on this album blends together and some of the songs even fit each other like puzzle pieces.