MFASR is Oddly Weird But Amazing at the Same Time

MFASR Definitely Captures Harry Styles’s Creative and Interesting Persona

Linnea Sundquist, Entertainment Section Editor

Harry Styles is one of the most popular singer/songwriters in pop culture as we speak. From his album Fine Line to his newest album Harry’s House, his music has always captured the attention of people, especially with his new drop of his music video “Music For a Sushi Restaurant.” Many people had different opinions upon the release of the video and many think the music video was oddly disturbing and gross. Major fans of Harry Styles have argued that MFASR embraces his creativity and shows his true self on screen. So does MFASR satisfy the huge fan base of Styles or is it just another weird music video on the internet? 


Styles has always had a certain “brand” for his career. He never shies away from showing his true self in his music especially for “Music For a Sushi Restaurant.” While this video definitely sticks out as strange, I think the music video is very unique when you consider the backstory of his song. This hasn’t been confirmed by Styles himself, but fans are thinking that the meaning behind it was to show how artists in the entertainment industry never have room to grow and learn from themselves without being “destroyed” by the public. Styles shows this when he portrays a human-squid hybrid that is captured by the fisherman who owns a sushi restaurant. When they discover he can sing, they exploit him for his talents instead of turning him into sushi. But he ultimately loses his voice and is turned into sushi anyways. 


“[But] that is Harry Styles, he is a fun and creative artist. Many individuals don’t realize but MFASR has a deeper meaning…,” says major Styles fan, and CHS junior Cadey Oleck. 


As I mentioned before, Styles has a very unique style of music. All throughout his career he has always been “out there” with his music career such as his outfits, albums and even his past music videos as well. So it makes no sense why people are bashing this one music video just because it makes people a little uncomfortable. I would understand if people didn’t like the music video if another artist like Taylor Swift was doing it since it is not on brand with her music style. 


This music video is supposed to make people uncomfortable to make everyone aware of the pressure of being in the music industry, particularly how Styles feels making music in the industry. Styles created a perfect music video to not only share his creative personality but to also share something with the world that he feels is a genuine problem with the people of the music and entertainment industry. Harry Styles is one of my favorite artists and I completely loved the MFASR music video. I hope people rewatch the video with a fresh mind set and fully understand the meaning behind the song.