HOBY Applications Now Available for Sophomores

Take Part in One of The Most Known U.S Youth Programs.

Carl Harding, Sandscript Writer

Calling all sophomores looking to develop their leadership skills! Come down to the guidance counselor’s office and pick up a form for the June 2023 Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Leadership Seminar taking place at Butler University in Indianapolis. For those who do not know what HOBY is or its purpose, it is a program exclusively made for sophomore students in high schools to learn and develop leadership skills so that they can apply the skills that they have learned to their lives making them effective leaders at home, school, and their community. During their four night stay, students will take part in fun activities, learn about themselves, the role they play in the world, and engage with others in developing their skills to become effective leaders. Attendees will also take part in learning leadership talents from three different perspectives. The first is personal leadership where students explore themselves as well as HOBY’s personal leadership strengths. Attendees will also learn about group leadership where the students apply their strengths and learn on how to become an effective group leader and put it into action. The last prospective attendees learn about leadership within the society, where the students will learn their role in the greater community and take part in a large-scale service project with other students. 

The HOBY Leadership program’s mission is to inspire the youth and volunteers to a dedicated life of leadership, service, and innovation, along with inspiring the youth to make a positive difference in their community. The HOBY program started in 1958 with Hugh O’Brian creating the program after meeting Albert Schweitzer in Africa in which Schweitzer convinced O’Brian that the United States of America was the only country with the ability to bring about peace. At first, HOBY was only held at Los Angeles, California until it eventually became a nation wide program and became the US’s foremost youth leadership program. 

Taking part in the program also comes with future benefits, College and Careers Assistant of CHS, Michelle Palko who is also in charge of the applications, says that participation will help students that are planning on going to college. 

“Participation in this program will undoubtedly give any student an advantage when applying to colleges and for scholarships.  In addition, being part of HOBY’s alumni network offers ongoing opportunities for new connections, growth, and leadership development after HOBY’s leadership seminars,” said Palko. 

Applications for the HOBY seminar are due November 30th and will cost around $295. If you’re a sophomore and interested in learning more about the seminar, forms are in the guidance office and Mrs.Palko can answer any questions about the seminar as her office is also in the guidance office on the left when you walk in.