Chesterton High School Academic Trips

Rylan Fields, Sandscript Author

Once the school year ends, students will be left pondering what to do before their summer vacation ends. But, thanks to some of their teachers, students can travel to various places, such as Spain, Key Largo, and North Carolina. Though the price of these trips may discourage students from attending these trips, they are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and can even provide class credits and certification. 

The Trail Bound Trip is a variety of activities in which students will learn about American wildlife, nature, and various events in American history. These events include the colonization of Roanoke and the achievements of the Wright brothers. The trip will last one week, from Sunday, June 4th, to Sunday, June 11th. The trip costs $880 and can be paid in one payment of $100 and a $195 payment every month from February through May.

The marine biology trip provides many opportunities for students. Students on this trip will learn about the diverse ecosystem that the ocean has to offer. This trip will cost somewhere around $2450-$2650. The price may change depending on travel fees, but the final price will be announced in February. There is an initial $500 fee. Though the trip is expensive, students who attend this trip can get their scuba diving license and an entire semester’s worth of elective credit.

The 2023 Japan trip takes place on June 30th and will last until July 14th. The trip costs $4175 and will be paid in an initial $395 deposit and two $1890 payments scheduled for February and April 2023. Since there is such a high price, students must meet a strict criterion to be eligible for this trip. They must be at least a sophomore, plan on completing at least Japanese 2, have a B or better grade, and be considered a responsible student both during and outside of the trip. So, any students with disciplinary issues will not be allowed on the trip. Students will be able to learn about everything that Japanese culture has to offer on this trip and can learn about how it differs from American culture. This trip is highly recommended for students who wish to pursue Japanese studies beyond high school.

The France-Spain trip is another great learning opportunity for students taking Spanish or French classes. It is a 9-day trip lasting from June 5th to June 13th. Their journey starts in Chicago, where the group will fly from Chicago to France, take one of Europe’s fastest trains to Spain halfway through the trip, and then fly back to Chicago on their last day. The trip costs $4194 in total and can be split into five monthly payments of $785.60 after an initial payment of $266. Students will learn about French and Spanish culture, try authentic dishes, and see many new sights and historical monuments, including the Eiffel Tower. Students who attend this trip will not regret this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are many opportunities outside of school that students are eligible to attend. Students who sign up definitely won’t have a boring summer!