A Christmas Story Christmas Igniting Nostalgia

A Christmas classic reborn

Audrey White, Opinions Section Editor

!! Warning – mild spoilers ahead !!


With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to snuggle up and rewatch heartwarming classics. One holiday movie, in particular, has been presented in a new light- A Christmas Story Christmas returns and ignites a strong sense of nostalgia with older and younger audiences alike.

A Christmas Story Christmas begins by showing the audience Ralphie living frugally in Chicago with his wife and two children. The year is 1973 and Ralphie has taken a sabbatical from his job for one year to pursue his venture in writing ‘the next great American novel’.  With the end of the year approaching, and all his potential publishers declining his work, tragedy strikes his family. Ralphie learns that his father has passed away and decides to spend Christmas with his mother in Hohman amidst the mourning. 

While Hohman, Indiana is a fictitious town, it was actually based on the city, Hammond, Indiana! The author, Jean Shepherd, who wrote In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash, the book that inspired A Christmas Story, grew up in Hammond. Today, visitors can drive by Shepherd’s childhood home on Cleveland Street. Another family now lives in the house, so it is not open to the public. Similarly, a bronze statue sits outside the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond – a statue of Flick with his tongue stuck to a pole. Though it is encouraged to take a photo with the statue, it is heavily suggested that bystanders do not lick the pole. 

I highly recommend watching the original A Christmas Story before watching this film. This remake is mainly centered on comedic parallels from the first movie, allowing families to reminisce about various references. Although this movie played heavily off of its antecedent, it managed to feel uniquely individual. Another of the many nostalgic moments of this film was how most of the original cast was able to return. The beloved characters and friends were able to connect once more, which helps to draw out the compassionate and reflective side of this movie. However, A Christmas Story Christmas is not all laughs. The film touches on losing a loved one during the Christmas season, while stressing the importance of spending quality time with family. That’s not to say this remake left a stony expression on my face for its duration- it was quite the opposite. Scenes such as the Santa scene and the Christmas caroler scene were particularly hysterical to watch because of the comical desperation portrayed onscreen.

Truthfully, the only negative aspect I can share about this movie is that it might be perceived as stale to some audiences due to the reliance on the original film, although I found it did not take away from the message and comedy the film brought.

Definitely give this movie a watch with your loved ones this Christmas season! If you are looking for a movie that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and full of Christmas cheer, then this is the movie for you.